Lisa Webb

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Marietta, GA

Your Spirit Photography

capturing your spirit in a photograph

Evoking emotion with a photo is my purpose.

I am constantly awed by God the creator & am inspired every time I get behind the lens.
When I'm not taking pictures I can be found playing pickleball or tennis. I love making sand castles, taking walks, watching a glorious sunset & feeding the seagulls at the beach. I go every chance I get!

Want to know more.....
Giraffes are beautiful...their gentle faces & expressive eyes make them my favorite animal. I root hard for the Pittsburgh Steelers & the GA Bulldogs. My lucky number is 3.
Heading off with my lifelong girlfriends for our annual weekend getaway is something I always look forward to.
My favorite emotion is laughter through tears
& I live by the saying.....

Every day is a good day...some are just a little better than others.

My family & friends are what I am most passionate about & it is because of their love & support that I have been able to realize this dream. You guys are awesome...I love you!

Thank you, Lord for blessing this venture every step of the way. I will always honor you with my work.



Member Professional Photographers of America
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